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Recycling Questions? Ask Sonja and Helen Edition #8

Recycling Questions? Ask Sonja & Helen

Each month, Recycling Renewal Program (RRP) Coordinators, Sonja and Helen, answer your questions on what can and cannot be recycled at Health Authority owned hospital and residential care sites, where the RRP has been implemented.

Recycling in health care facilities is different to recycling at home or in an office. Our facilities generate biomedical waste, so our recyclables pose a higher risk to recycling vendor staff that sort items by hand. We want to help ensure you have the information you need to dispose of your waste items correctly.

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We post the recycling question and answer series with photos and posters on the BCGreenCare.ca site here.


Edition #8: Medical supply packaging made of soft plastic

Q. Where should I dispose of soft plastic medical supply packaging at Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities?

Dispose of soft plastic medical supply packaging in the Garbage.










Some examples are:

  • Surgical glove soft plastic packaging
  • Diaper soft plastic packaging
  • IV bag soft plastic packaging
  • Tegaderm dressing soft plastic packaging

Soft plastic is any plastic that feels similar to grocery bags or plastic film – it is typically stretchy and can easily be scrunched up in your hand and flattened out again.

Q. Why can’t I recycle soft plastic medical supply packaging in the Mixed Container bin?

The mixed container recycling bin is only for hard plastic, aluminum, tin, Tetra Pak, and food/beverage glass containers.

Q. Why won’t the vendor accept soft plastic medical supply packaging for recycling?

Our recycling vendor doesn’t accept soft plastic medical supply packaging for recycling because there is no market for them. This type of packaging is considered poor quality plastic.

This is why all soft plastic packaging must be placed in the garbage.

Send us your questions!

Unsure about what can and can’t be recycled and why? Or do you have an inspiring story about recycling in your unit? 

Send an email to marianne.dawson@fraserhealth.ca. We will include your question in a future edition or contact you directly.