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Recycling Questions? Ask Sonja and Helen Edition #5

Recycling Questions? Ask Sonja & Helen is hot off the press

*Applicable to Lower Mainland Health Authority hospitals and residential care sites only.

Edition #5: Gloves

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Where should I dispose of gloves at Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities?

Gloves must be disposed of in the garbage.









Why can’t I recycle gloves?

Our recycling vendor doesn’t accept these waste  items for two reasons:

  1. Gloves used in health care applications are made of either latex, vinyl, or nitrile. These are not recyclable materials.
  2. Gloves are prone to contamination when used in patient care.

Send us your questions!

Unsure about what can and can’t be recycled and why? Or do you have an inspiring story about recycling in your unit? 

Send an email to marianne.dawson@fraserhealth.ca. We will include your question in a future edition or contact you directly.