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Safer Chemicals


Safer Chemicals

The Safer Chemicals program aligns with international efforts to recognize that there are chemicals of concern contained in man-made products, including those used for construction, furnishing, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection, and patient care in our hospitals. Chemicals of concern refer to chemicals that, through credible evidence, have or can have adverse health effects to people or the environment. Included in the definition are those that are found to be carcinogenic and reproductive/development toxicants, as well as, persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic to the environment. Many chemicals worldwide haven’t been tested for health and environmental impacts as testing isn’t required for all substances.

The Safer Chemicals program aims to develop a strategy across the four Lower Mainland health care organizations that:

  • Aligns health care sites with work undertaken by Workplace Health and Safety, Infection Control and other clinical stakeholders in order to develop toxicity reduction goals and create a pathway towards safer chemicals
  • Uses procurement processes to ask vendors to declare chemicals of concern in their products
  • Develops a list of chemicals of concern for health care site construction and operations

Stay tuned for more information as this program develops. In the meantime, if you would like any more information or if you are interested in connecting with our team about safer chemicals, please email sonja.janousek@vch.ca