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PHSA: Earth Month Celebrations

(Image: left to right) Green Team: Carol Anderson (Social Worker), Sheila Kennedy (Professional Practice Leader), Linda MacLean (Admin Supervisor CBBC/BCAAN), George Wallbank (Project Assistant); Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children (missing: Shana Ali, Mara Joseph, David Alves).

Earth Month Celebrations 

Each year on April 22nd, more than one billion people worldwide celebrate Earth Day by adding their voice and actions to the largest environmental event in the world. 

Earth Day has become a powerful symbol of the interconnection between the health of people and the health of our planet.

Over the month of April, we are celebrating the contributions that staff from PHSA are making towards improving the health and wellness of our natural world.

Contributing to Earth Day 

Meet some of Sunny Hill’s Green Team – a team of dedicated PHSA staff to promote green initiatives, including recycling.

Q. Describe your roles within health care. 

We all have different roles: Carol is a social worker and works in both in-patient and out-patient clinics; Sheila supports Recreational Therapists, a Music Therapist and Early Childhood Educators and works in the Acute Rehabilitation Program; Linda supervises clerical staff for two programs. As a team, we coordinate green initiatives at Sunny Hill which we promote through our newsletter.

Q. Some of you are Recycling Champions. Tell us what you’ve learnt in that role? 

We’ve learned that you can’t do anything on your own! We’re so lucky we have a team here at Sunny Hill. We’ve also learned that recycling needs to be convenient. Staff here were excited about getting the recycling program, but we also need to keep it “fresh” to keep people motivated. 

Q. What are you future goals as Recycling Champions?

Our team started off with recycling, but we’ve become so much more than that. We’d like to continue to evolve so that we don’t need to buy as many supplies – including office supplies and coffee cups – which saves us money that could be spent on patient care. We’re also moving sites in 2019, so our big goal for the future is to be able to bring all these great initiatives along with us when we move.

Q. What does celebrating Earth Day mean to you?

Earth Day is about appreciating what we have. This planet is precious and we can’t take it for granted. It’s also really encouraging to be part of something global; if everyone around the world participates, we have a chance to create real change.

Earth Month Celebration: Add your voice!

Throughout April we will be posting content here on the GreenCare site to celebrate the many actions that staff take to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and everyday.

Add your voice and enter to win our Earth Day prize draw by answering the question: What does (celebrating) Earth Day mean to you?

To enter, log-in to the BCGreenCare site and add your answer here: https://bcgreencare.ca/celebrating-earth-day