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Moving from buying FairSavers in bulk to Prepaid Compass Cards

Switching from FareSavers to Prepaid Compass Card

Sale of FareSaver tickets ended in January. Loading Stored Value to your Compass Card is the new way to get the FareSaver rate. If your department purchases FareSaver tickets in bulk, a new standardized process to purchase Prepaid Compass Bulk Tickets is now in place beginning Monday, January 25, 2016.

Switching from FareSavers to prepaid Compass tickets

Exhaust your current supply of FareSavers and DayPasses.

  • If you still have product left at the end of February 2016, TransLink will exchange your old fare media for Compass tickets.
  • Once you have exhausted your supply, your next order with TransLink will be Compass tickets. Compass single-ride tickets are NOT available at retail outlets.

The prices are not changing

  • Compass tickets purchased in bulk are the same price as the corresponding FareSaver tickets and DayPasses.

The minimum order for each zone of Compass Tickets is 50 and for DayPasses is 25

  • There is no requirement to purchase all zones, but zones cannot be combined to achieve the minimum quantity. While there is no minimum dollar amount required, it is strongly recommended that orders be a minimum $200.
  • Please purchase quantities for approximately one to two months’ supply but not more than three month’s supply.
  • TransLink’s FareDealer staff can assist with forecasting run-rates and how much to buy.

Compass Tickets have different distinguishing features

  • Adult tickets have a blue accent colour and have the zone identified on the front (1-zone, 2-zone and 3-zone).
  • Concession tickets have an orange accent colour. As with current practice, all concession tickets are 1-zone only.
  • nBulk Compass tickets are not in booklets but instead are individual tickets.

Compass Tickets have an expiry date

  • Prepaid Compass tickets purchased in bulk carry a 254-day expiry from the date TransLink encodes the ticket. This should be plenty of time to use them up if you are ordering on a regular basis.
  • The back of ticket says “this ticket will expire within 30 days” as a means to encourage use. TransLink recommends that you keep your tickets in an envelope with the packing slip that it came with, which details the serial numbers and expiry date. Note that the serial numbers are not consecutively numbered.
  • Use a first-in, first-out method to distribute the tickets.
  • You may write an expiry date on the tickets if it helps you to manage them. However, preference is to not write on the ticket, if possible. If you decide you must write on the ticket, please use a permanent marker and avoid the outside edge of the ticket being careful not to press hard as you may damage the chip or antenna and render the ticket unusable.
  • In the event that you have some expired tickets, TransLink will exchange them for new Compass tickets but requests that you try to manage your tickets so that this is an exception.

New standardized process for prepaid Compass tickets

Effective January 25, 2016 or when your current stock or FareSavers are depleted

Step 1

Complete and submit both forms below to HSSBC Accounts Payable for processing:

Step 2

Prepayment is required and can be made by cheque (TransLink does NOT accept credit cards). Cheque Requests must be received by HSSBC Accounts Payable the Friday preceding the following week’s cheque run. Please allow time to process your payment request.

Step 3

TransLink will process your order within five business days and ship your order to the address you provided on the form. Kindly allow time for courier delivery (ensure accuracy of delivery address).


For general inquiries regarding the Bulk Compass Ticket Order process:

Health Shared Services BC Customer Service

Email: SCM_CS@hssbc.ca

Tel: 604.297.9267

For inquiries on your Bulk Compass Ticket Order status:

Compass Customer Service Centre (FareDealer Administration) 

Email: bulkorders@translink.ca

Tel: 604.453.4490 or your Accounts Payable Department

For other concerns/inquiries about this process: