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How To Use This Site

You've joined the GreenCare Community because you want to make a positive change. We know as health care providers, you care about the health and wellbeing of the people you serve - now you have the opportunity to extend that care to the environment around you. 


Make it real.  

Think about the sustainability behaviours and actions that could take place in the real world – whether they’re at home, at work or in your community - and then post your ideas, suggestions and solutions here. 

Play nice.

The GreenCare Community is an extension of your workplace, so be sure to act in the same professional manner here as you do in your physical place of work. The same respectful workplace and patient confidentiality rules apply here on the GreenCare Community site. See GreenCare's Community Rules.

Our goal. 

The goal of the GreenCare Community is to show that individual actions can have great cumulative impact against climate change. Yes, that’s right: it’s about a critical mass making positive change.

Our commitment. 

Quite simply, the GreenCare Community helps the employees of Fraser Health Authority, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health to collectively demonstrate a commitment to our responsibilities under the BC Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.

One common platform.

The GreenCare Community provides a single platform for you to connect with colleagues across British Columbia and to discuss GreenCare topics of interest including: energy, water, food and human health, travel, green buildings and materials and waste. 

Have an idea or a suggestion as to how we can make positive change within the Health Authorities? Post it here.

The participants.

Are you in Bella Coola, Burnaby, Powell River or Langley? Now you can easily connect with colleagues in Vancouver, Gibsons, Smithers, Whistler or Port Moody – just to name a few. Join today’s GreenCare Community conversation and help create a sustainable healthcare system.

What you can expect from us.

The GreenCare Community is a extension of the workplace and its governance is run in accordance with the Health Authorities' Workplace, Human Rights Policies and Privacy Policy Statement. 

Technical difficulties at work

Your digital platform.

If you experience technical difficulties on the GreenCare Community website while at work, please contact your local IT representative. 

Technical difficulties at home. 

If you experience technical difficulties on the GreenCare Community website while at home, please be sure it is not an issue with your Internet service provider first. 

If the difficulties you’re experiencing relate to the GreenCare Community website only (for example, you can access other websites easily) then please contact the GreenCare Community moderator through the feedback form on the left hand side of your screen (click the orange button). 

We aim to respond to all technical queries within 1-3 working days.

Need to get in touch. 

Your feedback is welcome and easily sent through our feedback form on left hand side of your screen (click the orange button).