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How do we change behaviours?

How do we change behaviours?

The Green + Leaders program uses the principles of community-based social marketing (CBSM) to foster sustainable behaviours in the workplace. CBSM draws on social science research, which says that behaviour change is not necessarily correlated to awareness.

We can see examples of this everywhere. Most people are aware that driving contributes to climate change but many people continue to drive single occupant Vehicles. Another example is that although individuals understand that smoking is bad for their health, many people continue to smoke despite the risks.  

So how do we adapt to a greener lifestyle?

CBSM uses an approach that identifies both the barriers and benefits associated with the specific behaviour that you’re trying to promote. Once this is done, program designers aspire to decrease the barriers to change and increase the barriers to the behaviour you’re trying to discourage.

What's your experience? 

What barriers to change do you see in your own life and how can we address them? Similarly, what can we do to discourage unsustainable behaviours?