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Hop-on, hop-off


Vancouver's Bike Share name and details have been revealed. Mobi, Bikes We Share is now available for registration with founding memberships on sale for $99 or $129 for one year, depending on which plan you choose.

"For $99 Mobi members can enjoy ‘Standard’ membership which offers unlimited 30 minute rides for a year, and unlimited hour-long rides if they choose the ‘Plus’ package priced at $129. Founding members will also receive a special founding member key, a helmet discount to redeem at your local bike store, an invite to the launch party, and first access to the bikes." - Source: Vancity Buzz


Looking to get out of your vehicle and onto a bike? Ready to improve your health as well as improve the health of our community? Want to try something different without investing in a new bicycle?

This summer, the City of Vancouver is launching its first bike share program in partnership with CycleHop. With over 1,500 seven-speed bikes in 150 solar-powered locations, getting around the City by bicycle is about to become a lot easier.

How does it work?

The new bike share program will make active commuting simple. For a small fee, you will be able to hop onto any of the seven-speed adult bikes spaced strategically throughout the city. Similar to car share programs, purchasing a monthly pass will allow you to take out a bike and return it in any of the locations. Daily passes will also be available for friends and family visiting Vancouver.

Benefits for you and the environment

With an increase in cycling throughout Vancouver, especially in the summer months, bike sharing can provide a healthy means of transportation for commuters from all over the city. According to a recent report from my Health, my Community, active transportation users have a lower body mass index, more positive lifestyle attributes and a higher sense of community belonging in comparison to non-active transportation users. Active transportation also improves the health of our communities through contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to get involved?

The bike share program is the latest low barrier way to try cycling in the city. While you cannot purchase a pass yet, you can get started today by suggesting a location. It can be your place of work, area you want to explore, delicious restaurant or favourite place to relax. Get your location on the map today.

Biking not for you? Try Scooting

Saturna Green Systems wants to use Vancouver as the initial test market for a shared scooter service in Vancouver. Expect to see around 100 scooters hitting the roads during the rollout of this pilot. These electric scooters will be a fun and exciting addition to the multitude of shared transportation options in the city. Check back here for updates.

Ready to go? Don’t forget about the Clean Commuter Challenge

With all the active transportation options to choose from, competing in the Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge will be easy. From June 6th - June 19th the FREE online tool and campaign will recognise those who already commute in a clean or way, as well as challenge staff to try a new commute for a 2-week period.

Register today: find out how you can register as a team or individual.