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Q. What can I do to ensure I’m recycling correctly at my hospital or residential care site?

Information about the new facility, the amenities offered, as well as membership, usage and fees.

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a six-year program to implement recycling in BC’s Lower Mainland healthcare sites. 

Meet Adrian White, Recycling Champion in the Radiotherapy Department at the Fraser Valley Cancer Centre.

Meet Lorie Marchinkow, Recycling Champion in the Medical Imaging Department at Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Center.

Q. Where should I dispose of batteries at Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities?

Thanks to you, the Recycling Renewal Program is now at all Lower Mainland hospitals and residenti

Ever wonder why recycling in health care facilities is differen

WHAT'S HAPPENING: The City of Vancouver has adopted new rezoning requirements as part of their Ze