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Want to Bring Your Green Values to Work?


The Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations (LMHOs) proudly releases their FIFTH annual Enviro
Take the waste management learning module online through the Learning Hub and earn your certificate of completion.

Last year, the Green+Leaders Program was thrilled to support many exciting projects and initiativ

Meet Shirley Imperial, Recycling Champion In Pharmacy at Surrey Memorial Pharmacy

Are you confused a little (a lot) about what GreenCare is and what it's purpose, goals, objective

VGH Bike-Apalooza - COME JOIN THE FUN!

Q. What can I do to ensure I’m recycling correctly at my hospital or residential care site?

Information about the new facility, the amenities offered, as well as membership, usage and fees.

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a six-year program to implement recycling in BC’s Lower Mainland healthcare sites.