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The Lower Mainland Recycling Renewal project is the first of its kind for BC health authorities. Previous recycling efforts at most of our hospitals have been uncoordinated and largely lacked appropriate support.

All new Lower Mainland health authority buildings are designed to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard as per the BC government’s Energy Efficient Buildings Strategy.

St Paul’s Hospital is shining with the ‘Lights of Hope’ display bringing festive cheer to downtown Vancouver – and it is now going green, too!

The recycling team aims to implement the recycling renewal program at 7 acute care sites per year, until all acute care sites across the Lower Mainland Health Authorities have the Recycling Renewal program.

As part of GreenCare’s Recycle Renewal program, 700 recycling bins have been added to five sites. With recycling bins for beverage containers; rigid plastic & tin; soft plastic and mixed paper, we can now recycle more of our waste.

In 2010, FH, VCH, PHC & PHSA established a vision towards energy reduction and a consistent strategy towards carbon reduction.

The Green + Leaders program uses the principles of community-based social marketing (CBSM) to foster sustainable behaviours in the workplace.

Two bikes, a train and all weather gear. John Burgess, Vancouver Coastal Health's 2010 Commuter of the Year is committed to his daily commute from central Surrey to Vancouver.

All VCH employees should know about the Bett Lauridsen Cycling Centre, located on the lobby floor of Jim Pattison Pavilion, at Vancouver General Hospital.

Be a part of the Cut the CarbonFOODprint initiative. Join today's C3 conversation about a variety of food-related topics including...