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For the ninth year in a row, Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care & Provincial Health Services Authority are carbon neutral!

In February, the GreenCare team called out for used vinyl banners across the Lower Mainland Health Organizations for a special upcycle campaign.

Population Health-based Integrated Climate and Health Planning and Assessments 

The environmental sustainability commitment of Vancouver Coastal Health to “act as leaders with
Environmental sustainability is a Lower Mainland Facilities Management (LMFM) key client outcom

Each year on April 22, more than one billion people worldwide celebrate Earth Day by adding their voice and actions to the largest environmental event in the world.

Sustainability Consultants Marianne and Sonja answer your questions on zero waste initiatives at health authority–owned hospital and residential care sites.

Upcycle Alert! Call for Used Vinyl Banners

Each day in February, an umbrella will be awarded to VCH staff posting a #UmbrellaCommute 'selfie' on social media.