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Vancouver Coastal Health

Originally printed in the Vancouver Sun, March 22, 2018.



Mixed paper recycling is easier than you think, even in hospitals and residential care facilities.

Want to Bring Your Green Values to Work?


Are you looking for tools, ideas and collaborators to help green your workplace?

Take the waste management learning module online through the Learning Hub and earn your certificate of completion.

Last year, the Green+Leaders Program was thrilled to support many exciting projects and initiatives through the Green+Leaders Project Fund!  Here are some of the projects:

The Energy and Environmental Sustainability team (EES) has created the "EES Design Guidelines" for new construction & major renovation projects.

Q. What can I do to ensure I’m recycling correctly at my hospital or residential care site?

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a six-year program to implement recycling in BC’s Lower Mainland healthcare sites. 

Q. Where should I dispose of batteries at Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities?

Thanks to you, the Recycling Renewal Program is now at all Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care sites!