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Vancouver Coastal Health

Hospitals are part of the critical infrastructure network that underpins the delivery of health services, including virtual health, in our communities of care. 

Are you looking for tools, ideas and collaborators to green your workplace?

The Green+Leaders Program is open to all employees who want to be part of this change-making community across the Lower Mainland Health Organizations.

From improved recycling, to patio gardens, to Earth Day nature challenges, and much more, the Green+Leaders work in many ways to have a positive impact on the planet and their workplace.

The 2019 EPAR is annual report that tells the story about the Lower Mainland Health Organization's sustainability successes, challenges and future opportunities. It also highlights a real need for action as we enter a new climate reality, and our efforts to find solutions together for the entire Lower Mainland health care community.

It's done... It's awesome..... OH-MY-GOSH... it's huge! But it's so easy to navigate. How do you make a pdf report seem like a "clickable" website?

Welcome to the 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR).

The VGH Cycling Centre is pleased to be hosting its 5th annual VGH Bike-Apalooza!

The Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations (LMHOs) proudly releases their FIFTH annual Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR).

These Sustainability Policies for FH, PHC, PHSA, and VCH serve to renew our collective commitment to sustainability as a priority.

Are you confused a little (a lot) about what GreenCare is and what it's purpose, goals, objectives are?

Come on, you can admit that you are.

VGH Bike-Apalooza - COME JOIN THE FUN!

The VGH Cycling Centre is pleased to be hosting its 4th annual VGH Bike-Apalooza!

This Environmental Performance Accountability Report is voluntarily compiled by the Lower Mainland Facility Management’s (LMFM’s) Energy & Environmental Sustainability Team on behalf of the B.C.