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Green+Leaders Project Fund 2016/17

Last year, the Green+Leaders Program was thrilled to support many exciting projects and initiatives through the Green+Leaders Project Fund!  Here are some of the projects:

At 601 Broadway, the VCH CFO Transformations Team transformed their patio into a shared garden space where employees from their entire floor could experience the many benefits of spending time in the garden, while also connecting with co-workers from other departments.  In addition to creating a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for employees to enjoy, the garden also successfully grew a variety of seasonal produce – tomatoes, chard, carrots, kale, and more!

 A couple different projects replaced all single-use dishware in their kitchens and cafeterias with re-useable dishware, eliminating significant amounts of waste, while also providing co-workers the opportunity to host ‘waste-free’ lunches and events.  At 1795 Willlingdon, they outfitted all kitchens in the entire site of 1250 employees with re-useable dishware!

At Sumac Place, a tertiary mental health facility on the Sunshine Coast, they added a greenhouse to their existing garden to create more space for patients to connect with the garden and to extend the growing season.

The Sustainability Team at the Fraser Valley Cancer Centre  hosted two guest speakers  -- one speaker from the grassroots Blue Dot movement which aims to see the right to a healthy environment, including the right to fresh air, clean water and safe food, enshrined in the Canadian Constitution; and the second speaker from the Village Surrey Transition Initiative which works towards fostering community connections, food security, and the development of skills, knowledge and technologies to transition to a less energy intensive and healthier way of life

The BCCDC Public Health Labs and Pharmacy took some of their employees out to lunch, as a much needed thanks, for all the time and effort they have put into storing and distributing Styrofoam and Cooler packs for years, diverting them from the landfill.   Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children sourced a number of prizes, such as gardening seed packages and re-useable mugs, to serve as incentives for the different green initiatives they work on every year.  And finally, at two different leased sites (Burnaby Mental Health and PHC Health Information Management), much needed recycling and compost bins have been rolled out to help divert waste from the landfill. 

Thank you to all the Green+Leaders and co-workers for the energy they put into to making these initiatives and projects happen!