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Get into the beautiful outdoors!

Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, cycling, camping…

Do you remember back when we published this article on the myriad ways to take a vacation in BC that enable you, your palls, or your family to get outside. As airfare and gasoline costs are still on the rise, avoiding fuel-powered transportation can certainly ease the strain on the pocketbook and be a way to slow down, unplug, explore this beautiful province and stay physically active to boot!

Get Outdoors!

Read the previous article on getting into the beautiful outdoors & increasing your fitness, with recommendations on hikes, trails, cycle paths, wine touring, backpacking and paddling here >

Adding to the Outdoor To-Do-List!

When it comes to hikes, long-distance trips, paddling options or lakes to jump into, BC is well-visited for a reason. Here are some more ideas to complement our previous list.

Lower Mainland Hikes: North Shore

If you live on the North Shore, or nearby, you will probably have hiked a portion of the Baden Powell trail at some point. The trail winds from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, up over the North Shore mountains, all the way to Deep Cove. The trail is well marked with orange triangular tags that are attached to trees alongside the trail. Over 30km in length, you might not want to hike the whole trail at once but finding a portion to hike can be a lot of fun. Why not take a day and walk a portion of the trail from Deep Cove to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge? Note that this hike has a different starting and ending point, so make sure you make arrangements for transportation at the end of the trail.

Lake Dips & Short Hikes

When the weather is warm in BC, sometimes the best thing to do is pack a picnic and head to the lake with books and snacks, so you can camp out all day! Want to add a hike in there too, so that you really earn that lake-side snooze? Here are a few lake / hike combinations that will satisfy the active and more relaxed folks in your group. Head for White Pine Beach at (often busy) Sasamat Lake in Port Moody, where there is an easy 3-hour hike, swimming, a beach area and a concession stand. 

Located nearby, you will find Buntzen lake, which also has an 8km trail and beaches for swimming, as well as canoe rentals available. Another popular swimming, camping, hiking destination is Alouette Lake, located in Golden Ears Provincial Park, and heading up the Sea to Sky Highway, the options abound! Whether you jump in the water and walk the trails at Brohm Lake, or you take the "4 lake trail" at Alice Lake, an easy hike with lots of opportunity to cool off in the 4 lakes you pass!

Multi Day Kayak Trips

Ready to get onto the west coast water and leave the crowds behind? Exploring the coastline from a kayak means you get to see a world you wouldn't often access from the paths or trails. From Vancouver Island there are all sorts of paddle adventures, as well as places to rent and join or book a guided tour. Quadra Island is a great place to launch and kayaking in the Strait of Georgia is more sheltered and protected from the winds and rains of the west coast, and marine life is abundant. Check-out the rentals and multi-day tours that Quadra Island Kayaks has to offer, or Discovery Island Lodge, another kayaking adventure company. Both offer multi-day tours of the Discovery Islands - an archipelago that includes Quadra, Cortes Island and many others. Featured in the National Geographic as BC's best kept secret, this is certainly a trip to put on your bucket list!

Share your favourite places and summer spots!

We would love to hear what you are up to this summer. As well as your top tips of places to go in BC. Fill in the comments section below!