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Water Conservation & Restoration

Clean water is a critical element for human health. Though the Coastal British Columbia region largely does not currently have any supply issues with clean water, many parts of the world do have challenges obtaining enough clean water to support local economies and human health.

Committing to be global stewards of water use, hedging a growing demand and supply risk, ad in an effort to be more fiscally responsible, water conservation is seen as a key focus area.



Reduce water consumption through conservation and reuse measures, and contribute to restoring the natural water cycle.

1.  Water Use Conservation

          a.  20% reduction in water intensity (Building Water Performance Index (BWPI) (m3 / yr / m2)) (baseline 2010)

2.  Reduce Storm Water Runoff

          a.  Five new rainwater harvesting projects implemented by 2020. (baseline 2010)

3.  Reuse / Recycle Water

          a.  One new grey water reuse project implemented by 2020. (baseline 2010)


Priority actions 

Reduce water waste and consumption through:

1. Develop a Strategic Water Management Plan (SWMP). Including:

    a. Design implementation of water efficient mechanical elements and machinery

    b. Water usage audits

    c. Mechanical Retrofits & Upgrades

    d. Scheduling (controls) improvements

    e. Appliance Upgrades

    f. Rainwater Harvesting 

    g. Grey Water Reuse 

    h. Behavioural "Report a Leak" & "Turn off the Tap" Campaigns


Key Partnerships: LMFM. External: Metro Vancouver


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