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Transparent Reporting

Energy & Environmental Sustainability reporting is seen as a key priority as it will:

a) Raise awareness inside and outside the organizations on EES strategies, objectives, plans, performances and challenges within organizational energy & environmental sustainability;

b) Help to engage and create dialogue with all internal and external stakeholders;

c) Establish benchmarking;

d) Enhancing the organization's reputation for environmentally responsible action and to strengthen stakeholder trust in the organization.


Provide results orientated work reports on Carbon, Energy, and overall Sustainability, which are routine, transparent, engaging, and open for dialogue.
  • Publish an annual Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR), which will provide an update, according to the Provincial mandate, on the organizations carbon footprint, offsets, and associated actions.
  • Publish an annual Environmental Accountability Report (EAR), which will encompass and provide progress response on all focus areas of the Energy & Environmental Sustainability group.
  • Publish an annual Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP), which will encompass all elements of past, present, and future energy conservation work as requested by the Power Smart Energy Manager Program sponsored by BC Hydro.
  • Publish an Energy Management Assessment (EMA), which will cover all energy management elements and be a gage for past, current, and future energy management performance.
  • Prepare and present BC Hydro Quarterly Reports, which will give BC Hydro oversight on past, current, and future energy conservation projects and plans.
Priority actions 

Transparency through Reporting in:

a. Annual Carbon Reporting

b. Annual Energy Reporting 

c. Annual Sustainability Reporting 


Key Partnerships: LMFM, BISS, HR, IPS, Population Health, Clinicians, etc. External: HSSBC, CAS

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