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2021 Fraser Health GreenCare Survey

Purpose of the GreenCare Survey

The Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team (EES) has developed and distributed the GreenCare Survey, formerly known as the Future of Environment in Healthcare Survey and theYou and the Environment Survey, to staff of the four Lower Mainland Health Authorities (VCH, FH, PHSA, PHC) since 2010. The biennial survey has been distributed five times over the past ten years (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019).

The intention of this survey has been to measure success of programs and initiatives, to understand staff knowledge of and priorities surrounding environmental issues, as well as to act as an engagement tool, both with staff as well as leadership. EES uses this survey to collect metrics for one of the Active and Clean Transportation Performance Indicators (percentage of non-SOV trips).

2021 survey results

This year, we received  responses 322 from FH staff to the GreenCare survey. Click on the link below for a summary of what FH staff told us!

> Fraser Health 2021 GreenCare Survey Infographic

We want to hear from you!

The EES team is always looking for ways to improve the survey. Is there a question we aren't asking? Do you have a question about the survey, or want more information? Contact Emily Lomax, Sustainability Consultant, today with your comments at emily.lomax@vch.ca