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FH: Earth Month Celebrations

Image: Susan Shyluk (Registered Nurse), Royal Columbian Hospital Perinatal Care.

Earth Month Celebrations 

Each year on April 22nd, more than one billion people worldwide celebrate Earth Day by adding their voice and actions to the largest environmental event in the world. 

Earth Day has become a powerful symbol of the interconnection between the health of people and the health of our planet.

Over the month of April, we are celebrating the contributions that staff from FH are making towards improving the health and wellness of our natural world.

Contributing to Earth Day 

Meet Susan Shyluk, a Registered Nurse at the Royal Columbian Hospital and avid promoter of “green” behaviours.

Q. Describe your role within health care. 

As a perinatal RN, I look after mothers and babies during pregnancy, in labour and in delivery, and after birth.

Q. You became a Recycling Champion three years ago. Tell us what you’ve learnt in that role? 

I’ve learned that it can be really difficult for hospitals to have recycling programs. We need to think about the safety of the workers who collect these things. But we can divert so much waste, and that makes me happy. I work with babies, so I’m constantly thinking of the planet and the world we leave for them.

Q. What are your future goals as a Recycling Champion?

We are very busy in healthcare, and many of us work shift-work. The ultimate goal, for me, is to maintain the program that I helped to start. I get inspired when people come to me with their own ideas to improve the program; it makes it all worthwhile. We now have mini-bins in each labour room to recycle mixed paper, all because one nurse suggested the idea to me. And they’re being used!

Q. What does celebrating Earth Day mean to you?

For me, Earth Day is about sharing with others. It’s about realizing that we all have a stake in keeping a healthy planet. 

Earth Month Celebration: Add your voice!

Throughout April we will be posting content here on the GreenCare site to celebrate the many actions that staff take to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and everyday.

Add your voice and enter to win our Earth Day prize draw by answering the question: What does (celebrating) Earth Day mean to you?

To enter, log-in to the BCGreenCare site and add your answer here: https://bcgreencare.ca/celebrating-earth-day