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Cycle to Work

More and more employees choose cycling as a form of their commute-to-work because of the many benefits it offers.  Here are some of the benefits of cycling:


  • Requires minimal investment
  • Helps save on car expenses (maintenance, insurance, gas, etc.)
  • Helps save on gym membership fees or specialized equipment costs


  • An average cyclist keeps 3.57 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere (Source: Transport Canada).  It takes a tree three months to absorb that much gas (Source: Carbonfootprint.com).
  • Makes our communities more safe and vibrant 
  • Less air pollution means better air quality


  • Helps prolong a person's life span and overall quality of life.  
  • Increases the blood flow to release endorphines, making one feel good.  
  • Decreases blood pressure and lowers cholesterol 
  • Helps a person to lose weight and stay fit. 
  • Has very minimal impact on the body including feet and joints. 

Additional Information (intranet access required)


The Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services is responsible for the implementation of various commuter services programs/initiatives throughout the Lower Mainland. Please click on the following intranet links for more information.


Fraser Health employees and affiliates
Providence Health Care employees and affiliates
Provincial Health Services Authority employees and affiliates
Vancouver Coastal Health employees and affiliates


We’re looking at other areas where we can improve.  Do you have any suggestions?  Please let us know viaCommuterServices@fraserhealth.ca.