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Confused about waste disposal at work?

Ever wonder where to put an empty graduated cylinder? Or what the difference is between a non-anatomical and an anatomical container? 

Take the waste management learning module online through the Learning Hub and earn your certificate of completion.

Whether you work in a Lower Mainland hospital or residential care site, you’ll discover the in’s and out’s and do’s and don’ts when it comes to responsible waste disposal in our facilities.

Learning about waste is important!

Health care generates a lot of waste. Knowing whether something is recyclable, garbage or biomedical makes sure waste ends up in the right place and supports a healthy planet. It also reduces risk to all staff and patients and ensures that it’s collected and packaged in accordance with regulations.

Patient care will also benefit!

When staff are confident in how to dispose of their waste, can do so quickly and efficiently, they not only have more time for the patient but they tend to feel increased morale knowing they are doing what’s best for the environment.
The module covers:
  • Biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, radioactive, garbage, recycling and confidential waste types
  • Waste colours, containers and liners
  • Why it’s important to get it right
  • Examples of the different waste types


Contact sonja.janousek@fraserhealth.ca or teri.guimond@vch.ca