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Do you use the commuter centre at Vancouver General Hospital?

All VCH employees should know about The Commuter Centre, which is located on the lobby floor of Jim Pattison Pavilion at VGH.

The Commuter Centre has been in existence for 15 years and provides alternatives to staff using single occupant vehicles to get to work and between work sites during work hours. It is also the main contact for staff interested in using Public Transit, biking or ride sharing.

Some of the success stories over the last number of years has been the introduction of the Interhospital Shuttle, which provides staff with the opportunity to travel among several Vancouver hospital worksites, estimated to reduce car use by approximately 10,000 trips a month. 

As well, the Employee Pass Program encourages regular full or part time staff to use public transit by providing an additional 11-13% incentive to the 15% discount provided by TransLink; a saving of several hundred dollars a year over regular transit cost.

VGH provides secure parking in the parkade at Laurel +12th for staff who rideshare to work. Register at the Commuter Centre and receive a parking hanger for your car mirror. VCH has dedicated access to Jack Bell RideShare.

VGH has 2 locked bike cage available for bike commuters to use; register at the Commuter Centre to receive access to both cages.  

Please visit us at The Commuter Centre on the lobby floor of Jim Pattison Pavilion, in Vancouver General Hospital or call us: 604-875-4118