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Community Rules

BC Greencare Code of Conduct.

All BC Greencare participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Health Authorities’ Workplace and Human Rights Policies. Although the GreenCare Community site has a private section for health authority employees to connect and engage, the BC Greencare site and some of its content can be viewed publicly and the login only section (where comments and member profiles are displayed) can be viewed by anyone within the participating health authorities.



Consider the impact of your words and actions on others. Think before you speak (or write). Take responsibility for your behaviour.


Be open to co-workers’ opinions and ideas. Accept and provide constructive feedback. Doing so allows colleagues to know you understand and value their input.


When you encounter conflict or disagreement, help the other person understand your concern. Approach the person in a timely manner using the cooperative approach to problem solving.


Acknowledge colleagues for a job well done. Be supportive of your team. The most successful teams are those that can draw upon the strengths of each person.


Every person has the right to expect to be treated with dignity and respect.


Speak courteously. What you say is equally as important as how you say it (or write it). If you want to be heard, you also need to listen.


Be reasonable. People follow a variety of lifestyles, cultures, religions. Work to understand rather than exclude.

Make it real.

Think about the sustainability behaviour or actions that could take place in the real world – whether they’re at home, at work or in your community - and then post your ideas, suggestions and solutions to the Community Discussion forum.

BC Greencare is an extension of your workplace.

BC Greencare is an extension of your workplace, so be sure to act in the same professional manner here as you do in your physical place of work. The same respectful workplace and patient confidentiality rules apply here on the BC Greencare site.

Report inappropriate behaviour.

If you find offensive or inappropriate content on the BC Greencare site please alert the BC Greencare moderator by clicking the “alert the moderator” link at the bottom of a comment box or discussion post thread. If a response or resolution is required, the BC Greencare moderator will ensure action is taken straightaway.