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Check it out, our 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report

It's done... It's awesome..... OH-MY-GOSH... it's huge! But it's so easy to navigate. How do you make a pdf report seem like a "clickable" website?

Welcome to the 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR).

The EPAR is an annual report voluntarily compiled by the Energy & Environmental Sustainability (EES) Team (on behalf of the four lower mainland health care organizations (LMHOs)) for transparency and accountability of environmental sustainability work.

The purpose of this report is to summarize and relay the initiatives, progress and results for the calendar year, and to provide an overview of the team and the health organizations being served.

The 2017 EPAR was innovatively compiled to provide a “clickable” links for easy navigation. In addition, you can view customized reports for easy downloading. You can also view the entire consolidated report or simply the dashboard or a report specific to your organization. 

Please take a moment to review the report that interests you the most. Note that all the reports can be accesses through the consolidated report. Or you can simply jump to the report you are most interested in:


The Consolidated (LMHOs) EPAR.

The Consolidated (LMHOs) Dashboard (only).

The Fraser Health EPAR.

The Providence Health Care EPAR.

The Provincial Health Services Authority EPAR.

The Vancouver Coastal Health EPAR.


The EES Team would love to hear feedback on the report and the work. Please drop us a note at one of the following:





Thank you for your ongoing support of our environmental sustainability work. The work continues evolve and change with the many challenges but continues with award winning innovation and dedication to reducing the health care organizations negative environmental footprint.