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CCWC Shout-Out: Team Healthcare hIPSters

Last month, we introduced Eiselle Omampo, Transportation Demand Management & Commuter Services Coordinator for the LMHOs. She is part of the team, The Totally Hip Healthcare hIPSters in the Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge. We wanted to find out more about what makes their team move.

Q. Who is your team?

The Totally Hip Healthcare hIPSters. We are a diverse group of energetic and positive ladies from the Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services (the IPS in hIPSters), Parking, Access, and Commuter Services.

Q. Why did your team decide to join the Clean Commuter and Wellness Challenge?

This is something that we all believe in and feel proud to show our support for. We want to set a positive example for those around us, to challenge ourselves and maintain a clean commute, and because we’re hip, of course! Go green!

Q. What methods of commuting do you use?

Most of us talk and take transit. Some carpool and cycle whenever possible. One of our team members bikes over the scary Pattullo Bridge three days a week, and the other two days, walks down 8th Street hill in New West, then takes the train. Another one prefers riding her bike when she goes to meetings and conducts site visits so that she has easy mobility.

Q. Are you Avoiders (already had clean / green commutes), or Reducers (using the CCWC to change your habits)?

Seven of us are Avoiders all the way. One is a Reducer, who switched to cycling and is loving it! Every little bit helps.

Q. How has competing as part of a team been?

It’s been fun and amazing! J We enjoy comparing commutes, the friendly competition, and goal setting with some great gals from the IPS department. This has brought us closer. We are very excited about our cool team and of course, we have the best team name: The Totally Hip Healthcare hIPSters. Hip and proud!

Q. How are you all doing at the end of the Challenge? Any great stories / new experiences / Aha moments / new realizations / goals met?​

For the Avoiders, there’s no change from our existing routine. A couple of us often pass on our transit advice for commuting and Compass Card usage. For our Reducer, her goal to improve her health is being met, but the best goal is self-realization. It is no longer IF she thinks she can ride her bike to work. It is that she CAN ride the eight and a half KMs to and from work! It has been very interesting to step back and look at our positive choices and the difference they make. 

Kudos to The Totally Hip Healthcare hIPSters for working together and maintaining a clean commute. Congrats!