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CCWC Shout-Out: The Standard Deviations

Q1.Who is in your team?

Our multidisciplinary team of green commuters consists of 8 members of the Outpatient Mental Health Programs, including:

  • Andrea Chapman, Psychiatrist
  • Noel Gregorowski, Social Worker
  • Helen Kennett-Bacon, Nurse
  • Rishi Kapur, Psychiatrist
  • Kevin Lorenz, Nurse Clinician
  • Aazadeh Madani, Project Manager
  • Melanie McConnell, Psychologist
  • Pam Pollock, Administrative Supervisor

Q2.Why did your team decide to join the Clean Commuter and Wellness Challenge?

We had lots of great reasons to join: concern about climate change; wanting to share how exercise, a clean commute and happy mood (mostly) go together; foster team building within the department; promote a good initiative; win some prizes; and perhaps most importantly, due to competitiveness!

Q3.What methods of commuting do you use?

We use a number of green methods to get to work, including walking, cycling, and transit. A number of us use a combination of methods (i.e. transit and walking, transit and cycling), while others stick to either walking or cycling.

Q4.Are you Avoiders (already had clean / green commutes), or Reducers (using the CCWC to change your habits)?

We are all avoiders! Some of us are using the challenge to reduce some of their transit commute, or maintain/improve their clean commute.

Q5.How has been competing as part of a team?

I think I’ll let the quotes from our teammates speak to this question:

“Yay team!” “Great!” “Fun!” “Yay team! Great fun.”

(I swear I’m not making this up, they all said the same things.)

Q6.How are you all doing at the end of Wk 1

  • “I have increased my walking and therefore decreased my transit. Win! I am working towards my personal goal of walking more!” (Pam)
  • “Tired and fitter” (Noel)
  • “No setbacks whatsoever! I’ve decreased transit use on a couple of days already and plan to walk the entire week the following week (if it’s not raining of course).” (Kevin)
  • “It’s hard sometimes to maintain the clean commute with a busy schedule – it takes a real concerted effort not to resort to driving or other less green methods.” (Aazadeh)

Kudos to The Standard Deviations for rocking the challenge in week one. Well done!