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CCWC Shout-Out: Self Propeller Jeffrey Danielson

Jeffrey Danielson takes part in the Clean Commuting and Wellness Challenge every year and currently sits on our leaderboard with some of the most calories burned so far. We wanted to find out why he thinks clean commuting is important to not only our personal wellbeing, but the wellbeing of our community.

Q. Where do you work? What’s your role?

I am a registered nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital in the Mental Health Program. I am currently working on a project looking to standardize care for inpatients with early psychosis.

Q. Why did you decide to participate in the CCWC?

I participate in the CCWC every year because I think it is important to reflect what you care about in what you do. I think alternate ways of commuting are important to our community, so I look for ways to show support for it. CCWC is one effective and fun way to do that.

Q. Tell us about your commute.

I commute to work each day by bike along Vancouver’s on-street bike routes. I have only about 500 meters of unprotected or non-bike route riding during my entire 15km commute! It’s a fun ride through residential neighbourhoods, by the beach and across the Burrard Bridge!

Q. Have you been commuting by bicycle for a while or is this new to you?

I have been commuting by bike to St. Paul’s since I started working here over 4 years ago. I have been riding bikes as my main means of transportation since I was a child!

Q. Do you have any advice for other individuals participating in the challenge, or keen to try a clean/active commute?​​

Preparation is key! Have as much of your gear ready as you can the night before so when you wake up in the morning and its pouring rain (rain pants and booties), or blisteringly sunny (shorts, sunscreen and sunglasses), you have fewer excuses to drive or hop on the bus.

Kudos to Jeffrey for his hard work and for sharing his story with us!