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CCWC Shout-Out: Alice Crawford and Her Carpooling Crew

Carpooling is a great way to try a clean commute. Just a few extra cars off the road helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We sat down to chat with Alice Crawford to find out how she tries to work carpooling into her commute several times a week.

Q. Where do you work? What are your roles?

I work as a Physiotherapist in Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock. I carpool with another Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist who both live in Vancouver, as well.

Q. Why did you decide to participate in the Clean Commuter and Wellness Challenge?

It sounded like an excellent way to highlight commuting habits and the related environmental impacts. It is a great challenge for those wishing to make a change by making their journey more environmentally friendly. Also, I would not say no to a MEC voucher!

Q. Tell us about your commute.

I live in Kitsilano, Vancouver and commute daily to White Rock; a distance of 100km which normally takes 50 minutes plus each way. My colleagues live in Kitsilano and Granville, which adds some additional time and distance to the journey in the morning. Luckily, carpooling shortens the journey considerably in the afternoon as we are able to use the HOV lane on the highway.

Q. Have you been carpooling for a while or is this new to you?

I have been commuting this distance for the last two years and have tried to carpool one to three times a week. This is sometimes challenging due to extracurricular activities and scheduling. However, when we can, we try to stick with it. Every little bit helps.

Q. How is it commuting as a group?

Commuting as a group is working well.  It helps to share fuel costs, gives us time to chat outside of work hours and only needs a little extra coordination in the morning.

Q. Do you have any advice for other individuals participating in the challenge, or keen to try a clean/active commute?​

Give it a go! Even if a more active commute is not always feasible (e.g. large distance) it is worth asking around to see if carpooling is an option. It’s been a positive experience and helps clean up one’s daily commute.

Kudos to Alice and her carpooling crew for taking steps towards a clean commute. Well done!