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Carpool / Rideshare

Late last year, we launched a new carpool/ridematch program for staff from Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health and affiliated agency employees! 

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Explore a new, fun and economical way to get to work.  Register now to find your carpool matches and enjoy the benefits of carpooling!  To form a pool, simply follow the instructions below.

What is Carpooling/Ridesharing?

"Carpooling" or "Ridesharing" refers to the shared use of a car for a specific journey, in particular for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save costs.

What are the benefits of carpooling?

Carpooling eases traffic congestion and reduces greenhouse emissions. On average, sharing a ride with one other person to work and back will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.72 kilograms (Source: Transport Canada). If you were to share a ride all year long, together you would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 893 kilograms.

Carpooling can relatively increase parking space availability, get you faster to your destination using the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, contribute to saving money and build good relationships.

How To Start A Carpool?

To form a pool, follow these two simple steps:


  • Sign up here.
  • Enter the city where you work under Destination Area. 
  • Choose 'FH, PHC, PHSA & VCH Commuter Services' from the Available Destination dropdown menu. 
  • Provide all necessary information required for finding a match – complete your profile, carpool preferences and trip details.


Double check your match report criteria, and click on 'Run Report'.  You will be redirected to your possible matches based on your registration details.


Contact your possible matches and start a conversation.
Read the Carpool Etiquette to give you a good carpool experience.

Carpool Rules

  • Some facilities have dedicated parking stalls.  Carpool participants are eligible to park at reserved carpool parking spaces with proof of payment. Carpool parking requires at least two staff. 
  • Any parking citations from carpool participants are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle the citation was issued to. 
  • Please report any misuse to CommuterServices@fraserhealth.ca.  


The Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services is responsible for the implementation of various commuter services programs/initiatives throughout the Lower Mainland. Please click on the following intranet links for more information.


Fraser Health employees and affiliates
Providence Health Care employees and affiliates
Provincial Health Services Authority employees and affiliates
Vancouver Coastal Health employees and affiliates


We’re looking at other areas where we can improve.  Do you have any suggestions?  Please let us know viaCommuterServices@fraserhealth.ca.