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The Cafeteria Waste Campaign


What is the cafeteria waste campaign?

The cafeteria waste campaign is designed to make recycling easier for visitors through new recycling and waste bin stickers and campaign posters and banners that are fun and informative.  Our goals are to reduce contamination in recycling, divert more recycling and compost from landfill, and just make it less confusing to figure out where your waste should go!

Why is this campaign important?

This campaign furthers our environmental sustainability goals.  With a target of reaching 50% waste diversion by 2020 and maintaining that level until 2030, this campaign aims to educate staff and visitors about what they can do to help achieve that goal.  It’s also a great reminder of the importance of reducing our environmental impact from waste.

When is the campaign happening?

The campaign will run for approximately 6 months, from October 2019 – March 2020.

Where is this campaign installed?

Four pilot sites were chosen to host this campaign.  It is currently installed at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, BC Cancer Vancouver, Lions Gate Hospital, and UBC Hospital.

How can I get involved?

Explore our website to learn more about our programs and initiatives.  If you are health care staff and want to do more to green your department, join the Green+Leaders!  The Green+Leaders Network is a collection of engaged staff volunteers who help create healthy workplaces on a healthy planet by improving the environmental performance of health care operations across the lower mainland.

Who is GreenCare?

The GreenCare Community is an umbrella for a wide range of energy and environmental sustainability strategies, programs, and projects to reduce the environmental impact of health care operations and improve the resiliency of health care facilities and human and environmental health. 

GreenCare is led by the Energy and Environmental Sustainability team, which serves four health care organizations in BC’s lower mainland: Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health.