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Be seen this winter!

Happy New Year! 

A time of renewed intentions, new gym memberships and strong ambitions! We are with you and full of anticipation and intention for 2016.

This time of year is also a time for some introversion and reflection as most of us have one or both of our work trips in the darker 'night' hours. With sunrise currently taking place at 8:07am and the sun setting at 4:27pm, that's just eight hours and 20 minutes of light, so we know we live on the 49th parallel. 

Make sure you sparkle

So, these dark winter days and nights are not only an invitation to hang sparkling lights in our windows and stay cozy with the books on your list, it is also time to string lights on our bicycles, and brighten up our commuting wardrobe.

Funny thing is that with the exception of reflective-clad cyclists, so many of us seem to think we look fabulous in blend-into-the-night black coats.

Outerwear not outta sight

So, if your outerwear is 'outta sight' to motorists during non-daylight hours, do us all a favour and accessorize with a reflective band or tag. There are now all sorts of small lights and reflective bands to add to your outfit, whether you are walking home or adding a run to your commute.

According to ICBC, crashes with pedestrians spike in fall and winter as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease. Almost one in five people killed in car crashes across B.C. are pedestrians, the insurer notes.

When pedestrians get hurt, nobody wins. Whether you’re driving on the road or walking on the sidewalk, ICBC warns, safety is up to all of us.

For more info, check ICBC's Pedestrian Safety page.