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#BeSeenInDarkCoats – a virtual fashion show

In a season of short daylight hours, almost everyone makes one or both of their work commutes in the darker 'night' hours.

We shop in bright stores where we think we look fabulous in blend-into-the-night black coats – without considering how outta-sight we dis-appear to drivers. The Winter Solstice is not only an invitation to hang sparkling lights in windows and on evergreen shrubbery, but also brighten up our wardrobe.

For the second time, VCH is holding a [virtual] fashion show to highlight how the decision to wear black/dark winter jackets need not be discounted as an unsafe choice. We know that there are dozens of clever, stylish and visible ideas of fashionable accessorizing and adaptations that have made black wool coat or the dark leather jacket …seen.

Crashes with pedestrians spike in fall and winter as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease. When pedestrians get hurt, nobody wins. Whether you’re driving on the road or walking on the sidewalk, safety is up to all of us.

Almost one in five people killed in car crashes across B.C. are pedestrians.

from ICBC - http://www.icbc.com/road-safety/sharing/Pages/pedestrian-safety.aspx.

To enter this virtual fashion show, simply send in three photos of your entry;

·         pic 1) looking GREAT indoors or in daylight

·         pic 2) looking VISIBLE at night (with a flash)

·         pic 3) showing a DETAIL of what’s so great

Entries will be assessed for both STYLE & VISIBILITY and shared to inspire many others to #BeSeenInDarkCoats

Enter at:

• Twitter @VGHCommuter #BeSeenInDarkCoats

• Instagram VGHCommuter #BeSeenInDarkCoats

• Facebook facebook.com/beseenindarkcoats/

• Email arthur.orsini@vch.ca

Deadline for entries is the shortest day of the year: Winter Solstice - Wed Dec 21st 2016.

First prize is a pair of Fluevog shoes!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Email us or call Arthur at 778-869-6461