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Commuter of the Year 2015!

Do you ride a bike, walk, take transit, or use another clean or active mode of transportation to commute to work?

Know an active or clean commuter; someone who goes above and beyond, even when it's difficult, long distance, or bad weather?

Deadline extended to Nov 10th! Download a Nomination Form here: http://bit.ly/1LQgJu9

As the year wraps-up, it is time to once again celebrate our friends and colleagues whose efforts and inspiration help to grow the active transportation movement! Nominations are now being accepted under four categories; Superhero, Long-Time, Pied Piper and Quiet Achiever!

Last year was the 'Year of the Bike' as all four Health Authorities awarded the Commuter of the Year to a cyclist - see below. Celebrating the bike is fine but this year we hope to also receive nominations for walkers, transit users and carpoolers to challenge the lofty bike!

Who in your team, clinic or office deserves recognition for their stellar – and green – efforts? Please take a moment to put their name and story forward for recognition.

Ready to nominate someone?

  1. Download a nomination form here: http://bit.ly/1LQgJu9
  2. Fill out the nomindation form and add a note with a more detailed story.
  3. Email the form and note to: Arthur.Orsini @ vch.ca by end of day November 10th, 2015. (Extended from previous deadline of November 3rd.)

Kudos to the 2014 winners!

Read how past Commuter of the Year award recipients cleaned their commutes:

  • VCH: Matt Fieldwalker, Cardiovascular Perfusionist at VGH. Matt received the 'VCH Commuter of the Year' was listed in the category of 'Superhero GreenCare Commuter of the Year' and included this inspiring claim; “It makes perfect sense to ride. Low stress, free parking, good for the environment and good for me.... It was a win x4! CBC even interviewed me on the news one night when I was riding home in a snowstorm. I told them it was a beautiful night and I was just glad to not be in a car in traffic!”  Read his story here >
  • PHC: Melodie Yong, Change & Communications Lead, Transcription Services Project, Lower Mainland Health Information Management.  Melodie’s three nominations listed her in the category of 'Long-Time GreenCare Commuter of the Year' and included these inspiring claims; “She always looks super refreshed from her morning commute session and always arrives with a smile on her face! “…I know she has a car but I do not recall her ever actually using it!”.  Read her story here >
  • FH: Sharon Petty, Director, Facilities Management. Sharon’s nomination was listed in the category of 'Quiet Achiever GreenCare Commuter of the Year' and included this inspiring claim;  
    “She has ridden her bicycle (The White Flash) every day, rain or shine for the last year.  She’s shown that you don’t need special 'gear’ or ‘outfits’ to ride your bike to work, just a bike and the desire to cause less of an impact on the environment and more of an impact on your own health and wellbeing.”  
    Read their stories here >
  • PHSA: Kim Steger, Project Coordinator, Accreditation & Patient Experience. Kim was listed in the category of 'Quiet Achiever GreenCare Commuter of the Year' and included this inspiring claim; “She models the way by demonstrating the simplicity of commuting with her two young sons through her organization and creativity. …she literally mobilizes not only her sons, but inspires our whole department to walk, ride and use transit more. … we all talk about her about how good she is and ask her for guidance in terms of bike lock up, routes and tips!” Read their stories here >

Nomination Form 

Share the link to the nomination form with your team to encourage others to get involved: https://bcgreencare.ca/resource/nomination-COY-2015

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