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5 tips for Compass users

Compass has arrived in Metro Vancouver. It will be replacing the disposable transit paper passes soon. If you haven't already purchased your Compass Card, you can pick one up now and start tapping.

To help you transition from paper passes to Compass, here are the top five answers to your Compass questions:

Q. Where can I get a Compass Card?

Adult Compass Cards are available now at most SkyTrain and West Coast Express Compass Vending Machines.  Adult and Concession Compass Cards can also be purchased in person at the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium-Chinatown Station (Unit 1 - 590 Beatty St, Vancouver; Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4pm), online at CompassCard.ca and by phone at 604.398.2042.  By November 1st, Adult and Concession Compass Cards will also be available at all FareDealers.

Q. Why should I register my Compass  Card?

Benefits include balance protection for lost cards, transaction history and AutoLoad. Register online at CompassCard.ca or by calling 604.398.2042.

Q. What can I load on my Compass Card?

Stored Value, Monthly Passes and DayPasses. Travelling with Stored Value gives the same rate as FareSavers.

Q. Do I need to tap in and tap out on SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express?

Yes. Pay only for the trips you take by remembering to tap in and tap out. This ensures you're charged only for the zones you have travelled. Remember, there's no need to tap out when exiting a bus.

Q. Will Compass charge me for a new trip every time I tap?

No, the transfer rules are the same as today. Compass charges you a single trip fare for travel across the system so long as you make your transfers within 90 minutes.

For more information, please visit translink.ca/compasscard